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This month, join us for our Once Upon A Time Colouring Class, featuring Conie Fong! We have two unique classes every month; one pencils and one markers as pictured above, each teaching different techniques to help improve your skills. We'll be learning all about colouring skin, hair, outfits and folds, sheer fabric, two tone fabric, flowers, backgrounds and landscapes, sunset skies, trees, and more! Backgrounds can look scary but they are great for beginners as textures are all about being perfectly imperfect :) These versatile techniques can be applied to any of your favourite images aswell after the class lesson. 

  • Current class for sale until August 15
    (new classes always released on the 15th each month)

  • Receive lifetime access to do at your own pace

  • Full step by step video and written booklet instructions included

  • Fully downloadable on any device - class is emailed directly to you so easy to find and keep forever

  • Many brands of markers and pencils covered in class

  • Learn real art fundamentals and the "why" behind techniques 

  • Suitable for Beginners-Advanced - big scenes can look scary but I always break down the very basics so you can feel confident

  • Art therapy tips and prompts throughout - Our classes are about being gently challenged, to make mistakes, and to be perfectly imperfect. You will be encouraged to let go of pressure and create without comparison.

  • Free private tutoring every step of the way with real tips on your colouring, technology, creating colour blends and more

  • Do as many, or few,  classes as you like - No minimum requirements. 

Our classes are not about the images or the colours used during the lesson - this is just your exercise to learn. It's about how you can take what you are learning *after* the lesson to apply to your favourite images. This class is sent as a subscription so you can be challenged to try new things to keep you growing, instead of only picking your most favourite topics - to really learn we need a well rounded knowledge of different topics, techniques, and styles.
You can do as many or few classes as you like as there are no lock in time periods and you can *cancel at any time prior to the 10th of the month before the next class on the 15th.  PLUS BONUS! Receive buy 1 get 1 free classes with a brand new colouring class + stamp set (valued at $20) sent FREE every month just for being a member! You will get to vote on the topic you most want for this bonus so it is tailored to you! Help us vote for this month's bonus class here!
Your purchase helps us to do free monthly workshops for the Queensland Children's Hospital + Cancer Council, and enables our Group community, weekly giveaways, and classes to continue running - thank you so much!
*Still have questions? Read more about this class by clicking the headings below!
Improve your colouring for only the price of a coffee per week! Plus download + keep your class lesson so you can learn again and again.


Choose below from either the markers or pencils classes, or get both for a discount. Have questions or want to pay via Credit Card instead of Paypal? Email me here or visit the Class FAQS. 


Our class prices are all listed in Australian dollars, which will automatically convert  to your local currency upon payment. All monthly classes are emailed directly to you manually within 12 hours. 


CLASS RELEASE + PAYMENT DATES: Your initial payment will be purchasing the pictured class above, with the next class coming on the next 15th. Do as many, or few, classes as you like with no minimum requirements! There are no lock in time periods and you can cancel any time prior to the 10th before the next release. Receive lifetime access to each class after purchase.


SPECIAL BONUS: Stay on as a member and receive a brand new, FREE class and stamp (valued at $20) every month as a thank you - that's buy 1 get 1 free classes each month!  

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No lock in time limits

Choose either markers or pencils from the drop down menu below. 

Approx. $13.5 US/11 GBP

$20 AU



Save $5 when you buy both

Receive both unique markers and pencils classes. No lock in time limits.

Approx. $23 US/19 GBP

$35 AU



Save $20 on Single or Save $70 on Double

Choose either Single (Markers OR Pencils) or Double (Markers AND Pencils)

Single: $149 US/120 GBP

Double: $279 US/210 GB

$220 AU

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