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This month, join us for our Magical Moments Colouring Class! Our Monthly Class is released on the 15th of every month and has two separate classes; one for pencils (left), and one for markers (right). In these classes, we'll be learning all about character colouring foundations like skin contouring, hair, clothing, and folds, so you can apply the techniques to absolutely any image at all. We'll also be learning about creating rainbow patterns on outfits, glowing lights and reflections, sunset + galaxy skies, ripped + aged denim, landscape techniques, and more!


Remember a class is all about the techniques you are taking away, rather than what the finished project is; this is an educational lesson with real art fundamentals to teach you individual techniques to apply to other image after class. Don't be nervous if you haven't learned art theories before - we take it right back to the very basics! A class should be a little challenging for you, and should contain a big variety of techniques as this is the best value for your money and how you grow :)  

  • Current class for sale until June 14 + once purchased, receive lifetime access to work at your own pace

  • Beginner Level - I always break down the very basics so even a challenging looking image can feel achievable no matter your skill level. Be prepared to be gently challenged so you can grow!

  • Classes are emailed directly to you so they are easy to access and keep forever

  • Full step by step video and written booklet instructions included

  • Fully downloadable and viewable on any device

  • Many brands of markers and pencils covered in class (view FAQs)

  • Learn real art fundamentals and the "why" behind techniques 

  • Art therapy tips and prompts throughout - you will be encouraged to make mistakes, to let go of pressure, and to create without comparison or perfection

  • Free private tutoring with real tips on your colouring, technology, creating colour blends and more

  • 50% off the class stamp - we help support industry artists and try all different styles and artists in each class. This month we are working with Liringlas!

  • No minimum contracts/sign up timeframes - Do as many, or few,  classes as you like

  • BONUS - Stay on for the next month and get a FREE Limited Edition Class + Stamp Set ($20 value) that you get to vote on! 

Our monthly classes are only available for sale for one month, but once you purchase them you get access forever to do at your own pace.  There's no lock in timeframes or contracts, and you can cancel at any time prior to the 10th of the month before the next class release on the 15th.

BONUS: If you stay on for next month aswell you will also get a FREE Limited Edition Class and stamp that you get to vote on! We vote on the topic here so you can have your say on our bonus lessons! 
Your purchase helps us to do free monthly workshops for the Queensland Children's Hospital + Cancer Council, and enables our Group community, weekly giveaways, and classes to continue running - thank you so much! Come and join in the fun today to start learning more about your colouring!
*Still have questions? Read more about this class by clicking the headings below!


Still have questions? Visit our Monthly Class FAQs area for more information. This includes information for cancelling simply via your paypal account with no cancellation fee or length of membership requirements (but please note cut off dates for cancellations apply each month before the next release for administration purposes). In class and have questions about technical issues, using the class, or more? Visit the How-To Guide for troubleshooting here.


View some of our past classes over in the gallery here! Once you become a monthly member, you will receive access to our members only private store, where you can purchase past classes that have retired.


Choose below from either the markers or pencils classes, or get both for a discount. Want to pay via Credit Card instead of Paypal? Email me here 


Our class prices are listed in Australian dollars, which converts to your local currency free of charge upon payment. Classes are manually emailed to you within 12 hours. 


CLASS RELEASE + PAYMENT DATES: Your initial payment will be purchasing the pictured class above, with the next class coming on the next 15th. Do as many, or few, classes as you like with no minimum requirements! There are no lock in time periods and you can cancel any time prior to the 10th before the next release. Receive lifetime access to each class after purchase.

BONUS: Stay on for the next month and receive a FREE limited edition class + stamp that you get to vote on! That's Buy 1 Get 1 Free classes!

Click to read more about pricing/payment here

When you purchase, you will be purchasing the pictured class above. The invoice/payment page will tell you how many days until the next class release on the 15th (the text paypal uses is Trial), but there are no time limits to your class and you get lifetime access to the lesson once purchased. There are no lock in timeframes to your classes and you can cancel at any time prior to the 10th of the month before the new release easily via your paypal account.

BONUS CLASS: However, stay on and receive a free $20 class and stamp every month as a thank you for being a member - you will be invited to vote on the topic of your choice during the first week after each class release.
PLEASE NOTE: Our classes are all sent manually. This is usually very quick, but please allow up to 12 hours in case of timezone difference. Have questions? Please contact Alyce here anytime! I'm looking forward to colouring with you!

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No lock in time limits

Choose either markers or pencils from the drop down menu below. 

Approx. $13.5 US/11 GBP

$20 AU



Save $5 when you buy both

No lock in time limits

Receive both unique markers and pencils classes. No lock in time limits.

Approx. $23 US/19 GBP

$35 AU



Save $20 on Single or Save $70 on Double

Choose either Single (Markers OR Pencils) or Double (Markers AND Pencils)

Single: $149 US/120 GBP

Double: $279 US/210 GB

$220 AU

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