Monthly Class FAQs

I just joined up. Where is my class?

Our classes are always sent manually. I live in Australia so please ask to allow up to 12 hours delivery in case of timezone differences, however I do try to get these sent asap to you. Our Monthly Classes are email only and will not be found under the Class Rooms tab here on our website - this is only for our Technique Classes that people are not changing their membership on. If you cannot locate your class email in your email inbox, there is a good chance it has landed in your Junk/Spam folder, or even Deleted folder. When checking, please use your actual email provider website (eg. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), rather than a mail app like Outlook, Phone, or Tablet as if the email is suspected as spam it may be blocked by these third parties. If you have a Gmail account, please check the Promotions and Social folders also found on the Gmail website. Your classes emails always come from alyce@kitandclowder.com. If you don't know how to check for the spam folders please reach out and I would be happy to assist. If you still cannot locate your class, there is a chance it may have been blocked altogether as being a spam mailout - this happens from time to time due to the size of the classes and amount of links and pictures included, so please feel free to contact me at alyce@kitandclowder.com for assistance.

Why is this class a subscription?

**please note that there are no lock in subscriptions for this class

Our members are what enable me to be able to bring you a new class every month that I can design based on exactly what you want to learn. Our classes are jam packed with so many resources and because of this, they do take a lot of time to create. Being able to run this class as a subscription enables me to continue bringing you our wonderful classes month to month :) The best way to learn is to practice things that are out of comfort zone, so please join me in being excited for a fun and technique filled project every month to help grow your colouring! :)
Please note that there are no lock in amounts of time for you ro remain a member and if you choose to do only one class or wish to cancel at any time you can easily do so without penalty. More information below.

What are the benefits of staying on as a member?

Our Monthly Classes can only be made possible due to our ongoing members. So, as a thank you for keeping our classes running, every month I create special freebies for you! Each month you will receive a totally free, brand new colouring class valued at $20. This class is only available to monthly class members, plus you will get to vote on what this free class topic is during the month so you are learning what you would most like to. This class always includes free digital stamps and full instructions for markers and pencils. That works out as buy 1, get 1 free classes each month! Plus your membership enables me to do free ongoing feedback and private tutorting any time at all that you need so that you can feel the most confident with your colouring always. I have this available 7 days a week for you :) Another reason why it's a great idea to do a subscription is often we can be swayed by the looks of a project, not the lessons being learned, but this compromises on our ability to really grow our skills. This way you are committing to learning the most and trying new challenges that you may not have otherwise purchased or thought about using - helping you to grow quicker and more comprehensively.

When is each class released?

Our classes are always released at 9pm AEST Brisbane, Australia time on the 15th of every month. Please note that there is no time limit to completing your class and no being behind :) So please take that pressure off to have the need to complete before the next release. Please note that we do have a cut off date of the 10th of the month for any cancellations as we prepare our next class mailout.

I'm a beginner - are these classes for me?

Anyone of any skill level is welcome to sign up and join the class with us. Out Monthly Classes compliment our Technique Classes in that our Technique Classes are big reference guides to help you really learn about particular topics, and our Monthly Classes get you learning and expanding on those techniques! Everything is always explained as simply as possible, right back to basic blending and lightsource, so you can feel confident learning. Don't forget there is also free one on one personal and private feedback with me anytime so you need so if something isn't working how you'd hoped, there is always help available for you.

Is there a time limit to completing my classes?

No! Your classes will never expire and you will be able to complete them whenever you like. However, if you do complete them in the month the class is completed you will be able to enter your colouring into a challenge to win some prizes!

Can I download my classes?

Absolutely! Both the video and step by step print tutorials will be fully downloadable for you so you can access forever. For more information on how to do this on any device, please view the TROUBLESHOOTING button in your class email.

What brands of markers and pencils are used?

You can use any brand of marker or pencil with our classes, but I've included some colour blends of popular brands to help you get started! You definitely don't need a full collection to join in with our classes as we are breaking down the fundamentals of the techniques rather than the class just being a follow along. For example, you could easily swap a pink dress to orange and the techniques will remain the same. All that will change is the finished colour hue. We've had many people do the classes before with even just one colour blend so please don't ever let supplies hold you back from learning or joining in. More supplies are only helpful if you know how to use them! :) Brands included: (markers) Copic, Spectrum Noir, Promarker, Graph It, Mepxy
(pencils) Polychromos, Prismacolor, Lyra Rembrandt, Derwent Colorsoft + Artist, Caran D'Ache Luminance, Spectrum Noir. You'll receive a table in the class booklet to help you with recording colour blends if yours differ from mine and if you need help with colour selection then please take advantage of the free private tutoring available with your classes.

Can I share the classes?

Sorry, no. When you purchase a class you are purchasing an individual license to watch and download for your own personal use. Each class is specifically allocated to your account and your ip address will be logged to ensure no illegal downloading. Downloading to multiple devices is ok; please contact me at alyce@kitandclowder.com if you have any concerns.

Will I receive feedback on my colouring?

Absolutely! When you purchase a class at Kit and Clowder you are not in this yourself - you are here to learn and I am right here with you to help along the way. I am available to help with personal, private feedback on your colouring any time you need via Messenger on Facebook, Skype, or email at alyce@kitandclowder.com. Please note that if you choose to share your colouring in our facebook group, this is not counted for feedback and is more for encouragement and support. I always like to keep tutoring and feedback private between us so you don't have to discuss in front of other members.

Will I get to see each month's class before it's release?

No... it’s a surprise! :) I will always try my best to deliver a really exciting class packed full of new techniques for you with my favourite images so hopefully you will enjoy them each month :) The key to learning as fast as possible is challenging ourselves to try those techniques and images that we may not usually pick ourselves. This is what gets us out of our comfort zone, growing our colouring the fastest and most comprehensively. Because of this, I don't like to give out previews as I feel choosing your projects hinders your ability to learn holistically.

If I don't like the class or image, can I get a refund?

Sorry, no... but I promise even if the stamp isn’t your usual flair or if you are a bit scared or unmotivated by the design that if you give it a go you will learn something new which always enhances us as colourists :) With our Monthly Colouring Classes, the actual image and colours used are just a means to learning techniques. When we start deciding to pick and choose what to learn based on looks only we lose our ability to really challenge ourselves and grow fully with our colouring ❤️Take control of your learning and make the most of your opportunities to help you grow by customising your lessons to suit you. If you would like help with this, our classes all come with free private tutoring so reach out anytime at all. For example, you can see below that both images have used the same techniques from the one class to show how they can be easily adapted and learned on your favourite stamps. I’d always love to hear your suggestions though if there is something you would particularly love to see for a month! Please email alyce@kitandclowder.com

Do I get the stamp with the class?

Kit and Clowder supports all different stamp artists. Instead of adding on the price of the stamp to your class price, I ask all class members to purchase their stamps directly from the artist themselves for transparency and to support the artist for their work. Every month you will always receive a minimum 50% off voucher to use on the stamps, so they will only ever amount to approx. $1-$3 extra on your class price, dependent on the company. n the bonus classes each month your stamps will always be free as I make these for us! :)

Do I have to be good on a computer to do an online class?

The class will be delivered just like a newsletter email... very easy to navigate and everything clearly signed. You don’t have to be a computer whizz to use this class! But if you get stuck please email alyce@kitandclowder.com any time for help with technology aspects and we can arrange a chat or video chat to go through every aspect to help you feel confident.

Cancelling my classes

If for some reason you would like to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time, unless you have purchased a year in full which is non-refundable. To cancel your subscription for the next month you must cancel prior to the 10th of the month Australian time . If you miss this cut off date, please cancel after the 15th as the lists go into lockdown and I cannot remove you at this late stage.

To cancel your subscription please follow the directions via Paypal below (or contact me if you have used your credit card):
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click Profile near the top of the page. (some versions of paypal require you to click the Gear icon first and then select Profile)
3. Click Payments
4. Click Manage Automatic Payments
5. Click the name of the subscription you wish to cancel.
6. Click Cancel.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you should contact the merchant directly to cancel the agreement. Please note that after cancelling a payment, subscription or automatic billing agreement, you are still required to pay the seller for the goods or services you have received up until the cancellation is processed. Please note that if you have purchased a yearly membership, cancelling will mean that your last class will be the class previous to the renewal date as listed on your invoice. Please note that once purchased or renewed, the yearly membership cannot be refunded. Please action prior to the renewal date if you don't wish to continue.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Alyce at alyce@kitandclowder.com

I don't have Paypal - can I make payment via credit card?

Absolutely! Kit and Clowder has a safe and secure invoicing method that can be used for credit card payments. Please contact Alyce directly here at alyce@kitandclowder.com for help in setting this up.

I don't understand my PayPal invoice/payment page

Our class prices are all listed in Australian dollars, however PayPal will automatically convert this to your local currency upon payment. When you purchase, you will be purchasing the pictured class on the sign up page. Our classes are always released on the 15th of the month. The invoice will tell you how many days until the next class release (this is shown as a "trial period") and then you will see it is monthly payments from there. If you are joining the class very close to the 15th, this is why it may show only a few days on the invoice as the next class will be released soon. There are no time limits to the class though and you get lifetime access to the lesson once purchased. There are no lock in timeframes with these classes and you can cancel at any time prior to the 10th of the month before the new release on the 15th. Receive a free $20 colouring class and stamp every month as a thank you for being a member. When you sign up you will receive two emails - one is the receipt, and one confirms your subscription. This is not two payments at once but just two emails to confirm.


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