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Kit and Clowder has always been about community and being a safe space for you to learn more about colouring at your own pace with the support of others, regardless of how much experience you have. We have a community of over 23,000 members all learning together and all with different practices levels - supporting each other on our individual journies not only through colouring but also through life. 


Colouring is a form of therapy for many and can help to deal with loss, illness, depression, or just to give us a sense of balance in our already hectic lives. Being able to set our own personal goals and achievements through learning a new skill and taking classes can be a huge help for us to lead better quality lives. Challenges are essentially to feeling that sense of achievement, and our classes always aim to challenge you to grow, but still to focus on your own journey rather than competing with others so you can feel confident learning at your own pace. 


I started just like you as a cardmaker and colourist back in 2012. When I had the opportunity to teach in some local stores, many of my blog followers asked if I could create the equivalent online. Not knowing much about online classes, I decided to make our first class, Skin and Hair, to see if this was possible. What started in 2014 just as an opportunity to teach others, soon morphed into so much more as our classes grew exponentially, and I came to personally know so many of our community members and what they were going through. We weren't just about learning to colour - we were about the whole journey and dealing with life's daily struggles. I quickly realised that many were using colouring and our classes as an outlet, so I sought to complete an Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy to better help our community.


Our classes today are not just about teaching you to colour, they are about holistically growing your skills in all areas of life, to practice self-love, confidence, and to have a wonderful outlet for you to achieve your own personal, creative goals. You will always find daily motivation in our community and our classes to help you be the best you can be in all avenues of life. This is why our classes always involve free private tutoring aswell - there are no secrets at Kit and Clowder as my aim is for you to feel the most confident with your colouring and to help you grow every time you pick up your supplies.


It is through the generosity of our class members that we are now able to give back in doing free monthly workshops and product donations for Cancer Council QLD and The Queensland Children's Hospital in Brisbane aswell, hoping to spread creativity and joy to others who may be experiencing hardship. These workshops focus on Art Therapy as a way to destress and step back from some of the overwhelming situations life brings. Just by being brave to take some time for you and to challenge yourself to learn new things, you help us to help others who may be experiencing challenging times - I'm so grateful for your support.


 I hope you will enjoy your time colouring with me and that together we can learn and grow not only as colourists but as people :)

Key Achievements


2017 - Winner - Telstra Young Businesswoman of the Year - QLD


2016 Corporate Livewire Winner - Excellence in Craft


2016 Australian Small Business of the Year Finalist

2015 Australian Craft Industry Awards
Winner - Craft Educator of the Year
Winner - Best New Retailer
Finalist - Best Customer Service

2015 Australian Small Business of the Year Finalist

2013 Queen of Copic Award - Copic  

Bachelor of Design
Diploma of Art Therapy 
Copic Certification

Kit and Clowder is a Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies as a recognised Art Therapy Business 

Please note: Our classes are copyrighted for our class members only so please do not directly copy my work unless it is from a class that you are a part of. If you have used one of my cards as inspiration, or have used one of my tutorials or classes, I would appreciate it if you could please mention where the class is from so that others might be able to find us and join in aswell when posting online or on Facebook :) Thankyou!

Kit and Clowder
Alyce Keegan

Brisbane, Australia
Timezone: AEST

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