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Our classes are all about you and your colouring journey, so I wanted to give back to you for your support. Many of you have mentioned you wanted your friends to join in with you, so if you share your experiences with your friends

 and help them grow their colouring too, I'm giving you $5 cashback to your friends on their class purchase, and a $5 thank you to you when they join in! 

Even if you've only been able to join our free classes, this thank you still applies to you too. :)

Love Kit and Clowder?

Share with your friends!

Give friends a $5 discount, and receive a $5 thank you when they join in!

Just tell your friends to let us know that you sent them!

They'll find a referral form on the checkout and thank you pages during purchase!

Want to get sharing now?

Click the button below to share our homepage on Facebook and let others know

about your class experience!


How do I refer members?
- When you share your class experience with others, let them know to mention your name in the "Have you been Referred?" box at the Checkout. If they miss this, there is also a referral box on the Thank You page after payment. Alternatively, they can email within 24 hours of sign up.
Please note that rewards cannot be backdated. This program officially starts as of March 23 2018.
Who can I refer?
- The member must be a new unique member to that particular class. For example, can be a member of our Skin and Hair Class and you refer them to our Monthly Class or another Technique Class, but cannot be a past Monthly Class Member returning.
Applicable if a member signs up to a current Monthly Class or Technique Class only (Skin and Hair, Elements of Nature, All About Animals, Clothing, or Perfecting Pencils). 
Who can join in with this rewards scheme?
- Anyone can join in, as long as you are a current and registered Kit and Clowder member, whether you have paid for our classes or only in our free classes. Please note that you cannot refer yourself or have a family member not in classes refer you (eg. your hubby). If you are not an active class member, your $5 reward will be in the form of a gift card.
How does my friend claim their $5 cashback?
- Kit and Clowder will transfer a refund of $5 on the class purchase to your friend's PayPal within 48 hours of notice of the referral.
 How do I claim my thank you reward?
- Kit and Clowder will transfer funds to your PayPal within 48 hours of notice of the referral.
How many times can I refer + What are some tips to get rewarded more?
- You can claim our Thank you offer over and over! I am always so grateful any time that we can help others with their colouring and get our classes out there, so if you love our classes and want to keep promoting them you can earn as much as you refer :) Some tips to help spread the word include posting on your social media about your class experience, putting a note on your videos/blog posts to mention where to go to learn more, or jumping in and helping others that may be new to colouring.

Thank you so much for your support!

Kit and Clowder is here today because of you all and I am forever grateful. I am so thankful to be able to give back to you all after your years of support. I hope we can continue learning together for many years to come :)

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