Wondering which class to start with? All of our classes are suitable for beginners-advanced so you can pick what you want to learn rather than waiting until you feel you are ready. I always break everything down to the absolute basics so even if a class looks tricky, we tackle one little element at a time from the start :)

Shop: Monthly Colouring Class

Our most popular class - beginner level as the very basics are broken down with gentle challenges to help you grow. Teaching you a big variety of techniques per project that you can apply to your favourite images after the lesson. Receive lifetime access to work at your own pace + free private tutoring on your work! 

May-June Monthly Class Project

For sale until June 15 - Receive Lifetime Access 


$20 AU

$13.5 USD/11 GBP

Shop: Technique Colouring Classes

In-depth look at beginners - advanced techniques covering one topic. Use a reference guide for colouring any image at all, or colour through step by step to learn the ins and outs of the class topic. Receive lifetime access.

$48 USD/33 GBP

$29 USD/22 GBP

$48 USD/33 GBP

$48 USD/33 GBP

$48 USD/33 GBP

Shop: Project Colouring Classes + Vintage Monthly Classes

Follow along to create a finished project, while learning the why behind the techniques so you can apply what you are learning to any image after the lesson. Many of these classes are some of our most requested Vintage Monthly Classes that have been made public for you to try. All suitable for beginners-advanced + receive lifetime access to do at your own pace.