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Want to try a class before you join a paid one? Please find below all of our freebies available! All of these classes are perfect for beginners, even if you are just starting your colouring journey. Just like all of our classes at Kit and Clowder, there are no time limits and you can work at your own pace. Even download these to do them offline! You can also receive free private tutoring on your colouring in any lesson by getting in touch anytime at all - get help with technology, confidence jumping in, personalised colouring tips or anything you need!

More free resources available: Select the Colour Blend Charts tab above to access free markers and pencils colour blend charts, or select FAQs (Colouring FAQs) to see a big break down of popular colouring questions, such as which papers to use, different brands of markers and pencils, resizing stamps, and more, that have been answered for you! 

We also have a youtube channel where we do free mini tutorials and Colouring Tips video! Quick basic Marker + Pencil blending videos can be found on the youtube too!

Happy Colouring,

Alyce x


Love these freebies? A huge amount of time has gone into creating them (did you know a mini class like these takes, on average, about 50 hours?) and I would so appreciate a pin/share/shoutout on your blogs/facebook to help spread the word so we can help others feel more confident with their colouring :) Thank you!

How to Access Freebies

To grab your free class, follow these steps:


1 - Click on Class Rooms at the top of this page in the Navigation Bar to access our private classrooms webpage (if using a phone/tablet, click the 3 bars at the top of the page to open the navigation menu)

2 - Log in/make a free account

3 - Select which free class you'd like to try (classes are listed alphabetically so any of the freebies will be listed with FREE first). Please note that other classes on this page are paid classes. There are a big range of classes available for sale under the CLASS SHOP tab on the website.

4 - Once you are on the class page, select Join to attach this class to your account and to access the content

4 - Help us spread the word by sharing with your crafty friends/pinning this page! A huge amount of time and love went into this great resource and I would love to spread the word to help everyone :)

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FREE Beginners Coloring Class for Copics, Spectrum Noir, Promarkers + more!


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