Experience of your Tutor

Alyce's experience comes from being in the same spot you are now, wanting to learn to colour and practicing every night to get there! Not only that, Alyce has a university education and work background in design and architecture, having studied art fundamentals in order to be able to pass on the most accurate information for you. In 2015, Alyce was awarded Craft Educator of the Year in the Australian Craft Industry Awards, and is Copic Certified. 


You can trust that your classes are coming from someone who has worked hard at their colouring to be able to bring you the best content possible.

Why do an online class instead of a free youtube tutorial?

It's important to know that there is such a huge difference between the two - we had our youtube videos well before our classes and yet our friends kept asking for more! An online class is so much more indepth than a free tutorial will ever be; there is so much research that goes into what we present to you to not only teach how but also the why behind it. 


Don't forget your time is valuable! Why google, research, and figure things out through trial and error when you can quickly have all of the information you need, well researched and with the correct art fundamentals right at your fingertips! :) Our one on one feedback is also a crucial difference; our online classes are like having a private tutor or a class at your local store - youtube can't tell you what may not be working for you. 


Also, how can you learn something if you don't know you need to learn it? We are here to help :)

One on One Feedback

In our Technique Classes we provide one on one feedback on every image you colour, not just class images, giving you the experience of a live class with feedback from your computer. No matter where you are around the world you can have the chance to talk through your progress and any tips and techniques to help you improve. 

I'm not going to lie and say that learning is going to be super easy once you start one of our classes, but please know that there is help here for you to help you improve as fast as you are willing to practice :)

For all Skill Levels

Our classes are jam packed with the absolute most information we can fit in. We don't do a beginners class because we don't believe in leaving you wanting more once you have passed the basics. Our technique classes will take you right through from Beginners to Advanced on particular topics so that you can choose what you want to learn without having to have a lot of colouring experience. As such, there are no prerequisites required prior to taking any of our classes.


Our classes are always broken down step by step in as much detail as possible so that even if you are just starting out you will be understand and learn from whatever class you are interested in.

No Timeframes

We know that life gets in the way and sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to take time out to colour. You will receive access to your class material for li