Skin and Hair Technique Class

Skin and Hair Technique Class



Want to learn more about colouring Skin and Hair on your favourite images? This class is focused on teaching you not only how to colour, but the why behind the techniques, using real art fundamentals to help you really learn and implement the techniques on your favourite images after the class lesson. This class is best viewed as a reference resource to help you colour any image. It is very in depth and can be completed by doing each tutorial, or using tutorials as you need with your own images. 


This class is suitable for beginners right through to more advanced colourists.


These techniques are cross transferrable between many mediums. In these videos we focus predominantly on Alcohol Markers, with colour blends included for Copic, Spectrum Noir, and Promarker. However, you can any brand of marker that you prefer, and any colour blends - we are focusing on technique which remains the same no matter what brand or colours you use. This class also includes a break down of transferring these techniques to your coloured pencils, and includes blends for Prismacolor, Polychromos, and Spectrum Noir. This is not a fundamentals class for either markers or pencils, but is about teaching you skin and hair techniques which are transferrable across the two mediums. 


Receive lifetime access to do at your own pace + download onto any device.

Class Inclusions:
- One on one Private Tutoring on every image you colour in our private classroom (not just class images!)
- Video Tutorials - over 28 downloadable videos
- Exercise Sheets with over 24 cropped images from the class videos for you to practice on
- Booklet - 96 page print at home (or view on the computer) theory booklet with step by steps
- Study at your own pace with no time limits

I'd love to help you feel more confident with your colouring and hope to see you join me in the classrooms! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out anytime at



    • Types of light
    • Shadows
    • Direction
    • Light quality
    • Depth and distance


    • Blending Markers + Pencils
    • Basic Colour Theory
    • Colour Theory for popular brands
    • Colour Journals
    • Blend sheets
    • Colour Charts
    • Brand Comparisons
    • All About Digital Stamps

    Skin 101

    • Skin blending and shading (4 different skin tones focused on)
    • Pencil conversions video to show how to apply video techniques to pencils,
    • Bullet tip markers
    • Closeup facial features
    • Eyes
    • Pre-shaded skin
    • Zombie skin
    • Vampire skin
    • Mermaid skin

    Hair Basics + Straight

    • Hair Basics + Flicking
    • Pencil Conversions video to show how to apply all video techniques in pencils
    • Bullet Tip Markers
    • Straight Hair - Short
    • Straight Hair - Long 

    Curly Hair

    • Wavy Hair Short
    • Curly Hair Short
    • Wavy Hair Long
    • Curly Hair Long
    • Afro Hair

    Hair Styles

    • Ringlets
    • Plaits
    • Pig Tails
    • Updos
    • Male Hair

    Colour Effects

    • Streaks
    • Dip Dyed
    • Colour Effects
    • Easy Coloured Hair

    No Lines Technique


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