Lightsource Project Class

Lightsource Project Class

A fully comprehensive breakdown of Lightsource to give you an understanding of how to apply to all different images and disciplines. These fundamentals can be applied with any medium or even cross-discipline for design and graphics.

This class comes FREE with the Skin and Hair, Clothing, and Animals classes. There is no need to add this to your checkout as it will be applied to your classroom.

Included with class:

- 15 page print at home theory booklet
- Exercises for you to practice lightsource techniques
- Additional resources such as printable lightsource grid guides

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    Subjects covered include:
    - Types of Light :: Ambient, Practical and Fill Lighting
    - What are shadows?
    - Cast Shadows in depth
    - Understanding Direction
    - Light Quality :: Soft vs. Hard Light and the importance of Consistency
    - Depth and Distance
    - Lightsource Grid Templates :: A resource and how to use them


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