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To receive your free stamp please follow the instructions below:
1 - Please help us celebrate the stamp companies that we work with at Kit and Clowder by liking their Facebook pages (links via the buttons below). This enables us to be able to do events like this again in the future and is a great way to thank the artist for their generosity!
2 - Once you have liked the pages using the buttons below, please fill in your Name and Email address and click the black SUBMIT button to be taken to the download page so you can download right away.
If you are having trouble with your email being accepted, please make sure you are not using autofill as this doesn't always work.
**If you don't have Facebook it is ok to skip this step, but please remember the likes help us to do this again and get more freebies for everyone :) If you are already a member of the Facebook Groups/liked the pages then you do not need to do so a second time - it will already be registered.
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