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Please find below blank colour charts for some of the most popular brands of markers and pencils. Blank colour charts are a very valuable reference tool to help you clearly see which colours you own and to help with creating colour blends. Please note this is only our initial release - more brands coming soon!


PRINTING Always print on your actual blending card that you use for markers or pencils. This will give you the most accurate colour representation. 

FILLING OUT: BLANK BLEND CHARTS Practice your favourite blends! Use my favourite colour blends on the Colour Blend Charts page to see what your colours look like in real life and to practice your basic blending.

FILLING OUT: MARKERS Apply one quick swipe of colour for the best result. Try not to layer up too many times as you will make the colour appear a lot darker than it will be in your projects.

FILLING OUT: PENCILS Split the circle/rectangle into two. Apply one very light coat to one half of the shape, and apply multiple layers to the other half to build up full colour depth and flatten the tooth of the paper. This will show you both a light coat and a heavy coat of colour. 


Copy of Copy of Mint Save the Date Weddi


Click each circle to open in Google Drive. Once opened, click the Down Arrow at the top right to download and save to your computer.

Reopen in Adobe PDF or similar to print and view. When printing, make sure fit to page is selected


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