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Want to spread a little festive cheer? Sign ups are now open for the annual Kit and Clowder Card Swap!

What is a card swap?

A card swap is when you are paired with a partner and you each send each other a card - like a pen pal! You can send a card of any type (the only preference is that it's hand made), or even just a picture of your colouring if you aren't a cardmaker. You are welcome to send a card with any topic (doesn't need to be Christmas), brands, or techniques. Please note the point of the swap is to add some cheer to someone else's day regardless of if you receive a card back - this is rare and unfortunate but please ensure you are ok with the potential of this happening prior to signing up :) . 

Important Dates

If you are signing up to a card swap, it's really important to keep in mind the dates. While we understand life happens, please do not commit to joining if you aren't comfortable committing to the dates below. If you experience any troubles it is your responsibility to get in touch asap and notify me that there may be a delay. 

Sign ups commence: 20th October

Sign ups close: 27th October

Partners Sent: Week starting 30th October - PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to check your emails to ensure you have received your partner details. Do not assume you did not get a partner if you don't get an email - it may have gone to your Junk folder or you may have accidentally deleted it. So please get in touch asap if you can't find your partner email by Nov 3.

Cards to be sent: November 17 (please note you can start making your project now! That gives you a whole month)


What to do when you get your card?

As soon as you receive your card, please upload a photo to our Facebook group and tag your partner so they know you've received it ok. To tag someone, please type @ and then their name and click on the link that pops up (eg. @alycekeegan). Please note if sending internationally there may be major delays with the postal system, so please allow between 2-6 weeks for delivery.

To sign up, please just add your details to the form below! 

Thank you so much everyone for helping to make Kit and Clowder the amazing community it is today <3 Stay in touch because our AMAZING Annual Advent Calendar of Giveaways will also be coming back this festive season and I've got so many coming goodies for you! 

Alyce xx

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