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Welcome to Kit and Clowder Colouring Classes! I teach classes for markers and pencils, and all for beginners to help you create your own artworks to be proud of. We use "digital stamps" (online colouring pages) and teach you the art foundations to colour these realistically, such as lightsource, colour theory, texture, blending, and more! Even if you are brand new to colouring, this is the perfect place to start to learn a new skill. Join our community of over 30, 000 members over on Facebook now!

As a special gift for Croc Tour members, receive 40% off a special exclusive release of the Wildlife Wonders Classes below so you can colour up your favourite Australian Animals! You can use any brand of markers or pencils with this class, but if you'd like to learn more about getting started with colouring, please scroll down to visit the Colour FAQs page.

Before you go, check out some of my colouring resources below!

If you are new to colouring, check out the FAQs guide to get started!

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