At Kit and Clowder we have three different types of  classes: Technique, Monthly and Project Classes.


All of our projects are suitable for beginners as each class will always break down the basics of blending and lightsource. There are no pre-requisites.


Every class comes with free private tutoring so we can work together to help you feel more confident. Simply message Alyce on Messenger to chat live or email alyce@kitandclowder.com. 


Every class has lifetime access and is fully downloadable for you to complete at your own pace so you can continue your learning after the class on your favourite images. 


We cover a wide range of brands in our classes as the techniques taught are the same no matter what brand you use. You do not need every marker or pencil to join in with a class. Colours can always be easily swapped out and techniques do not change if colours do. While it is convenient to have the exact colours used, it is no easier than using other alternatives. Colour help is always on hand with your free private tutoring in class.

Markers colour blends included: Copic, Spectrum Noir, and Promarker (in our Monthly Classes we also include Graph It and Mepxy).


Pencils colour blends included: Prismacolor, Polychromos, Spectrum Noir (in our Monthly Classes we also include Derwent Artist, Derwent Colorsoft, Caran D'Ache Luminance, Lyra Rembrandt).

Technique Classes are a one off payment and you get to keep your class + download forever.


These classes are like an encyclopedia on one particular topic (eg. Skin and Hair, Animals, Clothing, or Nature), teaching the ins and outs of many facets of that particular topic, and are suitable for beginners to more advanced colourists as it covers a big range of images and techniques. They teach true art theories and fundamentals to help you understand how to colour so many different stamps, colouring books, and your drawings. You will learn not only how to colour, but the why behind it to start really learning these techniques and apply to your favourite images outside of the classroom. We look more at techniques and individual images rather than finished projects. You don't have to do these classes in order and they are great reference tools to have with you to tackle any type of image.


Receive one on one personalised tutoring on everything you colour so that you are learning the most you can, the quickest you can. A big difference to do youtube tutorials or other online classes as we can work together to help you feel more confident, as much as you need.

Full in-depth step by step videos and printable booklets comprise the class material so you can choose how you learn. 


Exercise Sheets are provided for you to colour along with the class videos. No purchase of images is necessary.


Price: When looking at a technique class and the price (especially compared with the price of classes from other companies), make sure you look at how many hours of video and pages of booklet are included - these are very thorough and comprehensive classes teaching so much on a particular topic.

Monthly Project Classes - Learn many techniques over one smaller project


Monthly Classes will help you to grow the quickest in your colouring because it is about challenging you to try new techniques that can be applied to any image in your stash. The project will always incorporate a big variety of techiques which may cover special effects, backgrounds, skin, hair, animals, flowers, clothing, and more while learning on a finished project instead of exercise sheets.


So unlike Technique Classes that just focus on the one topic, Monthly Classes will touch on multiple topics in the one lesson to create the project. It isn't just about what the overall project or images look like - it is about each individual technique you are taking away from the lesson to help you grow your colouring and to suit your favourite images after the class. Many members also choose to customise their learning by using their favourite images and colours along with the class aswell.


These classes are still suitable for beginners even though sometimes the projects can look a little scary - everything is always broken right down to the very basics including blending, lightsource, and colour theory. You will receive full step by step video and booklet to teach not only how to colour but the why behind techniques.


Every month two new classes are released on the 15th; one for markers and one for pencils with each class being unique. You can choose to do either markers or pencils, or take both for a discount. Join up and do as many or as little classes as you like - the classes work like a subscription format but there is no set contract when you join up. As a thank you to our ongoing members for keeping these classes running, every month you get to vote on a totally free class and stamp valued at over $20 that is made especially for you based on what you want to learn.


Once purchased, get access forever -don't need to complete in a month.


Receive one on one personalised tutoring  so that you are learning the most you can, the quickest you can. A big difference to do youtube tutorials or other online classes as we can work together to help you feel more confident, as much as you need.


- More details on our Monthly Colouring Class page here

Project Classes



Project Classes are similar to Monthly Classes in that they are a completed project for you to follow along with step by step, encompassing a big variety of techniques. Most project classes were made prior to our Monthly Colouring Class releases and these have slowly been phased out and replaced by our Monthly Classes. You may find some past Monthly Classes will pop up in the Project Class area of the Shop from time to time at a discount - as we've tackled so many useful topics in our Monthly Classes over the years, I will periodically release some of the older Monthly Classes for you to learn from.


Project classes are always a one off payment and you get to keep + download your class to have access forever.





Visit the store here to take a look at each class.


You will find all inclusions and topics taught when you click on each individual class in the store. If you have any questions, please contact me (Alyce) here anytime at all. I hope to see you in the classrooms!

There is no right or wrong choice as to where you start your colouring journey - choose what you would most like to learn, whether that is a comprehensive look at one particular topic in our Technique Classes, or following along to create a finished project using multiple techniques and topics in our Monthly Classes.


Read below for a quick breakdown on each type of class we teach at Kit and Clowder, and for more information visit the individual class listings in the Shop here. 



Technique Classes - Learn all of the ins and outs of a major colouring topic


















































































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