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Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce that we are getting ready to launch our next range of Colour In Bags! In Australia, we are phasing out single-use plastic bags to help the environment, so these are a great sustainable choice that you get to customise and colour. After our first bag for our live retreat sold out (see right), I have been getting requests for more designs, so thought it would be great for you to have your say on our first collection! 

What are Colour In Bags?

Our Colour In Bags are made of a premium fabric and are printed with a lineart version of an image, just like a stamp. You can then colour and customise with your choice of medium, including markers and pencils. I always include a free colouring tutorial for markers and pencils with the bag so you can learn more about colouring and feel confident working on your bag. I always do FREE worldwide shipping on our bags aswell. 

Colouring + Cleaning

Cleaning is covered in the class that comes with the bag, but essentially, you can colour these with your markers and pencils, paints, mixed media tools, etc. Depending on the medium you use and the fixatives would depend on the washability of the bag.

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How to Vote

Have your say on what our first "collection" of Colour In Bags will be by placing your vote below! The collection that has the most votes will be made into our first range of bags. Please note that this is only our first collection and bags will be sold individually - I've had a lot of requests for particular topics, and if this collection sells well then I will add more to the range!

Scroll down and view the collections below, then leave your vote on the poll at the bottom of the page. Voting closes May 5. Make sure you are a member of our Facebook Group and our newsletter (on the homepage) so you don't miss out on important updates and when the bags go up for sale!