Upload your work in progress colouring or finished class colouring pieces during the month of the class release for your chance to win 1 of 2 stamp packs from Lili of the Valley! You will get to choose three stamps of your choice from their store! All you need to do is *start* your class - it could be a picture of your printed image ready to go, or one chapter of colouring, or the finished project - it's just about making a start (please make sure you place something over uncoloured images when sharing to prevent theft though), 

How to upload/enter

You can enter up to THREE photos per class for the chance to win - take photos as you are colouring to share your work in progress with us, and share your finished results! I'd really appreciate it if you could please write what class it is you are doing and that you are learning at Kit and Clowder so others both in our group and elsewhere can find the new class and colour with us too :) 

1 - Upload your colouring to our Facebook Group or to your Instagram Page (you are also welcome to share in any other groups/blogs, etc. but for me to see it for the challenge it needs to be in our Group)

2 - Add the text #kitandclowder to your post, anywhere in the description where you usually write text (you can still write other text aswell and just place this at the end). Make sure there is no spaces and you type it exactly as shown. It will look something like this:

3 - That's it! :) I will randomly pick two winners at the end of the class month to win!

Sharing your class colouring:

It is ABSOLUTELY ok for you to share your finished or work in progress class colouring wherever you like - including on your blogs, other Facebook sharing groups, Instagram, etc! Even though this is a class, you've worked really hard on the techniques here and you deserve to get recognition for your efforts and progress! :) Sharing is a great confidence booster and is about you celebrating your progress, never about comparing or amount of likes received. I'd love if you could please mention that this is the class over at Kit and Clowder so that others can find us and join in if they want to learn aaswell, plus it also protects the classes from being copied :) A friendly request to please not share your class colour combos anywhere as these have been created specifically for this project and are part of what you are paying for :) Thank you!

Did you know

That the text you are adding is called a Hashtag? Adding the # symbol before text makes whatever text you add searchable, meaning you can group up any photos that have that hashtag adding to it. It's a really easy way of seeing multiple photos at once that all have the same #. You can search on either Facebook or Instagram to find all of the photos that have a hashtag.

On facebook, simply go to the search bar and type #kitandclowder to find all of the hashtagged posts.

Want to see class member colouring that has been uploaded?

Want to see all the posts together easily? I go through and add a Topic to all of the class posts when I comment every day in our Facebook Group :) This is a new feature by facebook that allows you to group posts by a particular topic to help you easily find things in groups, and you can add topics even to your own posts when uploading. Take a read about Topics here - it's a real neat feature :) 


Be confident, be brave, and make that start - read this friendly reminder :) 

Remember that when we do a class, it is not a test in how perfect we are or how good right are right now. It is our chance to make mistakes, to get support, to learn and grow. When you share your colouring online, the goal is not for your colouring to look like mine or anyone else's - we all have different amounts of practice behind the scenes and we need to make sure we never compare our chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20. You may love a practice someone put up of the same class, but they might have been in our classes for 5 years and so are producing more refined results than you today... however they had to start right where you are starting and make all the same mistakes to be able to grow too. So be inspired by what you see others create, but never compare - you are on your own journey working at your own pace and it's important to appreciate and be happy where you are now instead of wishing you were further. The more you focus on you, on challenging yourself to try all different styles and techniques, on keeping on going if you make a mistake, then the quicker you will take the next steps in your colouring :)


If you get stuck and want some extra tips on your colouring, reach out anytime and let's chat to help you feel more confident.

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