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Program is over

Advent Calendar Days 10-25


WINNERS HAVE BEEN DRAWN! Please visit Facebook Post here: Thank you for joining in this year! __________________________ Days 10-25 Join us each day from Dec 10 - 25 to unlock a new special event! Every day we will feature a different craft company and you may unlock a freebie, giveaway, or coupon. Events go up at 9pm AEST. Click the pink Join button to gain access to the Advent Calendar program. You will be asked to either create an account or log in - you only need to create an account once on this website to access all freebies and events throughout the year. Once you are on the Advent Calendar program, read through each event page, pressing the pink Next or Complete button to go to the next step. This will mark off each step as done and keep a checklist of which days you have completed. Complete them all for an extra prize at the end of the calendar! Winners will be drawn a few days after the calendar ends on Dec 28 and will be posted here and on facebook **Please do not click Complete on days that are not live yet as this can cause problems with completing the calendar and the bonus at the end. **Please note, that log-ins here are not the same as your classroom sign-in, so you'll need to make an account for the freebies if you haven't yet made one. When confirming your email, please navigate back to this page and not the homepage of the website.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


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